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Data controller and data processor organizations who conduct business inside the European Union (EU), with organizations within the EU, with an EU resident, or collect data on an EU resident must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), enforceable on May, 25, 2018.

GDPR applies to both automated personal data and to manual filing systems where personal data (name, identification number, location data or online identifier) and sensitive personal data (genetic data, and biometric data) are accessible according to specific criteria.

The unified approach, supported by Modern Data Management technologies, addresses the gaps in legacy solutions (that often rely on disconnected MDM, business intelligence and big data) to ensure GDPR compliance for:

  1. Right to be forgotten: data erasure with purging of all traces by data entity type, compliance notifications and support for consumers’ data requests
  2. Consent management: manage and maintain rights and consents with the ability to capture and store consent types using graph technology
  3. Consumer administration: manage consumer data access, change and deletion requests with built-in workflows
  4. Audit support: trace attributes back to internal and external data providers and route data change requests back to the original source

Although legacy MDM systems can comply with a small part of the regulation by managing profile data, they also leave it to you to figure out how to manage the transaction and interaction information across other systems and channels.

Modern Data Management can help with GDPR for the following departments:

  1. Compliance departments: implement GDPR requirements quickly and monitor ongoing adherence by consolidating consumer profiles, consents and interactions with complete data lineage for attribute sources, built-in audit history for easy reporting and task management for timely profile updates and notifications
  2. Marketing departments: improve confidence in consumer data quality by blending customer profile and interaction data from all sources and uncovering relationships among people, products, locations and consents
  3. IT departments: deliver GDPR solutions faster on an agile platform, so that if there is a need to add a new channel, data source or attribute, those can be added without any impact on business continuity–Reltio Cloud’s multi-model data architecture and pre-built data models can help you get ready for GDPR within weeks

Reltio Cloud was listed in the Forrester MDM Wave Q1 2016, in which they list MDM vendors and use business value and context as critical decision criteria, not just features and functions. You can access a free copy of the report here at Forrester Wave for Master Data Management 2016.

Source: Is there a software solution for GDPR compliance? – Quora